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Title: How it all started - who is VJ Spack O Mat
Post by: VJSpackOMat on September 21, 2015, 06:23:48 PM
my name is christian kleinhuis and i live in the city of bonn, germany

i am involved into computer graphics since i have an computer, actively participating in the 90s demo scene, and enjoying the development of graphics card which unleash ever dreamt of possibilities. the last 10 years i have actively build up the where the mandelbulb and mandelbox now popular fractals have been discovered. so many of my
plugins are using fractal geometry.

in 2014 i published an interactive 3d fractal using the microsoft kinect camera

due to this event i began researching about vj software and found the fantastic resolume software, since then i try to incorporate interactivity and realtime effects into the resolume program

since the vj scene seems to be a little small i started a youtube channel dealing with vj software, for now just some tutorials for my plugins are present there, but soon i am going to include
more decent tutorials about developing tutorials or special resolume tips and tricks, you might want to subscribe to that channel here

you might wonder what "spack-o-mat" means, in fact is a mean wort "spacko" in germany, but it also has the meaning derived from "abspacken" a german word for inhibited dancing, and since it is a machine that makes you dance the "spack-o-mat" word creation

here i talk about the idea behind it, and it can be watched more closely how it behaves, this version uses kinect1, but kinect2 adaption is on its way